10 Last-Minute Gifts Under $50 for the Hard to Shop For Person

for the Hard to Shop For Person
Last Minute Gifts Under $50

Are you a gift giver who prides herself on always finding the right present to give your loved ones? Of course, there is always that one person who seems to have everything or is extremely hard to please. So now you find yourself, just days away from Christmas, empty-handed. Fear not! From a mobile car wash to a Qi charger, this guide will help you gift something that will make that person smile!

Practical gifts are the way to go. Don’t give just to give. Give a present that someone can use.

Cash will just go into a wallet and a random tchotchke will end-up in a closet or the donate box. No one wants that! It’s just a waste of money and time. If you have something practical that changed your life, give that. If not, we’ve got you covered with these 10 last-minute gifts under $50.

A Mobile Car Wash is a Practical and Thoughtful Gift

In the Details LLC is a Boca Raton car wash that is mobile to serve our surrounding communities so, of course, a gift certificate for a car wash is at the top of our list! Who wouldn’t want a clean car for the new year? Click here to order a gift certificate to be mailed to the recipient or contact a local car wash in your area.

A mobile car wash and detail is the way to go! Jack just needs to go online, book a convenient time, and the car wash will come right to his home or office. The car gets a sudsy bath, the tires get a scrub and shine, and the inside gets vacuumed and wiped-out. Clean, easy, and efficient is how we roll.

Amazon’s Alexa is the Ultimate Assistant and Source of Entertainment

The Amazon Echo Dot is great whether it’s Suzie’s first or the third she’s placed around her home. It will keep Suzie up to date and entertained from her morning alarm clock to providing her sounds of lulling waves at night. Ask her to add milk to your shopping list and she makes it happen. Need to set a few different timers for dinner? No problem! She’ll even play your child’s favorite song, play freeze dance, and will read bedtime stories to her at night.

Foot Massages Are a Mini Vacation

Give the gift of relaxation with a gift certificate to a local foot massage parlor. Thirty minutes or so of allowing someone else to take care of your son’s teacher is such a sweet way to say, “I appreciate you.” That is bound to be her very favorite present and is sure to be the highlight of her winter vacation.

Insulated Water Bottles or Travel Mugs…Really, You Can’t Have Enough

Practically no one leaves the house without an insulated water bottle or travel mug these days, and there never seem to be enough of them. Prices range greatly on these and can either stand alone, or be paired with a small gift card, coffee or treats. You can also personalize them, if it suits you.

Roku Streaming Sticks Are Entertainment All Year Long

If Joe has a TV without “smart” capabilities (it can’t connect to the Internet), this gadget will allow him to stream everything from YouTube to Netflix right on that TV. There are tons of apps in the stick that will allow him to watch both free and subscribed services. Google makes a competitive unit, but it is not as versatile and Apple TV is way more expensive and requires an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Wireless Phone Chargers Should be Next to Every Chair in Your House

Putting several of these convenient wireless phone chargers around the house has been a game-changer. It’s convenient to not have to go cord hunting every time your battery is on red. This is another product you almost can’t have enough of. Simply plug one end into an empty USB wall charger, and the other into the flat table-top pad, place your phone on top and, voila, your phone is on its way to a full battery. Efficient and convenient!

Get Directions, Drive, and Charge Their Phone With a Wireless Car Charger Mount

Speaking of efficient and convenient…keep Judy from struggling with unhooking cords each time she gets in and out of her car with her phone. By gifting her with a wireless car charger mount, she’ll simply slip the phone in and out of the hands-free mount which is charging her phone with wireless Qi technology.

Movie Theaters & Popcorn Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

Movie theater experiences have been getting more upscale and more expensive as the giants of streaming movies have grown and lowered their revenues. Give a movie theater gift certificate and treat them to a fun night out. It will be the perfect reminder of you when the next must-see-in-the-theater movie comes to the cinema.

Amazon Gift Cards Can Buy (Almost) Anything

As mentioned in a previous post, Amazon has taken-over the way we live, shop, and do business in America. Almost anything you can imagine can be purchased and at your doorstep in just two days. The downside is, Mark can add the gift card to his Amazon account as soon as he receives it, but it will get spent first as he makes purchases over time without that extra thought about using the gift.

Gift Cards for a Local Food Delivery Service or Grocery Delivery Are the Gift of Time & Convenience

The gift of time and convenience has been an increasing topic of discussion. On-demand grocery delivery companies are growing by leaps and bounds allowing shoppers to place an order right on their smart phone and let someone else do the schlepping and shopping for them. Gift him a membership or look for the local restaurant delivery companies sprouting-up everywhere and get a gift certificate. He’ll really appreciate it when it’s pouring outside and he doesn’t want to leave the couch.


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