Car Wash Therapy

Are you too embarrassed of your car to let someone else see it?

“Oh, no! I could never have someone else clean my car. Then they’d see what it looks like inside.” This is usually the reaction we get when we tell people what we do.

It usually is said, in shame, by busy moms. Of course, your car is dirty. You shuttle children to and from school, feeding them snacks and dinners along the way, as you wiz them to activities and home. You try, in vain, to keep the house clean for a full twenty-four hours, while each room is wrecked in your wake. You just want to sit-down with a glass of wine, not return to your car to vacuum or wipe-down spills. We get it. We’ve been (and still are) there.

The solution? Have someone else do it for you.

And even easier? Have someone else come to you.

We explain to our friends that we’ve seen it all and take it in stride because that’s what we do. As a mobile car wash in Boca Raton serving Palm Beach and Broward counties, we go directly to our clients’ homes or offices and clean the cars of people who simply don’t have the time. Driving around in a dirty car from shame should be no excuse. If you are in Boca Raton or the surrounding areas, book your appointment with In the Details here.

Make things super easy and book online and even set-up a maintenance plan so you don’t even have to think about it.

But what is usually embarrassing to a car owner is less about the dirt and more about the clutter. Here are some tips that will help tame that out-of-control car in-between regular cleanings.


Empty water bottles, crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, apple cores...they litter your car. The front seat. The back seat. In every crevice. From you, your spouse, your kids. And you cringe every single time a friend goes to step into your car. “Here, let me move that for you,” you say as you sweep them into the empty seats in the back.

Recycle a plastic grocery store bag by placing it in the driver’s side pocket. Whenever there is a loose wrapper or empty water bottle, slip it into the bag. Next time you are at the gas station, quickly check around the car and under the seats for stray trash, then drop the bag in the pump-side bin.

Front Seat

We all dump our stuff (work bag, kids’ bags, files, purse, grocery bags, etc.) on the front passenger seat when we get into the car. Inevitably, those items go sliding around, and off the seat, as we drive. This is where my hook and bag system come in.

Grab a couple s-hooks, carabiners, or inexpensive hooks made for hanging from the headrest. If you don’t have a passenger, you can turn them around to the front of the headrest, throw loose items in a reusable grocery bag, and hang all the bags from the hooks. No more open purse contents on the floor!


Loose items fill your trunk. It’s like your attic. Necessities like jumper cables and an emergency auto bag are mixed-in with sports balls, spare water and snacks, camping chairs and even a bike! Yes, we admit it.

Bins and bags are your friends. Group items together. Tie the handles of bags together. Even if the bins are a mess inside, everything is organized to the outside world. Win!

Toys & activities

Books, stuffies, tablets, and junk toys from birthday parties all seem to multiply in the car. Like bunnies. Those items are your savior but also the bane of your existence.

Again, bags and hooks. Keep one reusable grocery bag or tote inside the car to hold any games, books and random items your little ones pick up, and place it on a car seat hook facing them. When you are pumping gas, check for loose toys and place them back in the bag. You can even put an empty plastic bag next to it to encourage trash collection.

Spills & Smears

Chocolatey protein bars, lollipop, and ketchup are bound to hit the interior of your vehicle at some point. Be honest, you’ve had more than one coffee spill while driving to work.

Keep a roll of paper towels and household disinfecting wipes, antibacterial wipes, or just some baby wipes in your car to cleanup dribbles in the moment. Blot the spill (if wet) with paper towels and finish with a good wet-wipe scrub.


If you are in Broward or Palm Beach counties, you can book an appointment and have your car cleaned right at your home or office with In the Details LLC! Easily book your appointment online and we will arrive at your door on time and prepared to make your car clean and shiny. Our family-owned-and-operated mobile car wash and detailing company is based out of Boca Raton, FL. Click here to book your appointment today.